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We specialize in computer repair and other services on a vast variety of devices. We at A2ZXPERT strive to provide great service at an affordable priceIn addition to repair, A2ZXPERT also has just about any electronic component or peripheral to fit any and all general needs. 

Quick diagnostic during visit

Bring your computer to our store for on-the-spot quick diagnostics and consultation during your visit... at no cost.

Your computer never leaves our store location during all the repair procedures.

Timley Repairs!

At A2ZXPERT we focus on providing the best repair options and solutions in the shortest amount of time for all our customers. 


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A2ZXPERT Computers
1200 US Hwy 22 E #314 
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865



Monday-Wednesday: 11-7

Thursday: 11-4

Friday: 11-7

Saturday: 11-7

Sunday: 11-4:30


Phone: (908) 859-2391


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